How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Healthy Desserts

Is it possible to have an extremely satisfying and healthy dessert? Or is that just wishful thinking? When you think of healthy desserts, do you envision yucky granola bars or prunes that could never satisfy your sweet tooth? Well think again! The good news is that there are healthy and great tasting dessert alternatives you may not have tried yet. These may be far more satisfying than you realize.

Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives. Did you know that partially milled rice creates a fantastic alternative to sugar? It can be turned into a syrup which they call, appropriately enough, rice syrup. Rice syrup tastes great and is good for you. It is high in fiber, magnesium, and zinc. It tastes great on pancakes or bread or with fruit. You can even put it in a smoothie to sweeten it up. In health food stores you can find frozen desserts and cookies made from milled rice. Look for this or order it online.

What else is there? Did you know that there is a great tasting alternative to chocolate? It is called carob. Studies show carob is beneficial for digestion and it can lower your cholesterol level. Stevia extract is another great and healthy alternative to sugar. A lot of people add stevia to their tea or coffee drinks. It usually comes in a liquid extract or powder.

Mixed fruit and dried fruit (preferably not sugar coated) are of course great alternatives too. But don’t just think raisins. Those can get boring. Branch out! Two of my favorites are dried mangoes and dried persimmons.

Remember: there is a whole array of healthy, great-tasting desserts out there you may not be aware of. Order them online or go to your local health food store and ask someone knowledgeable about nutrition for suggestions.

Now, in addition to finding the healthy alternatives, you have to cultivate the right attitude toward them. “Yuck, oat cakes!” is NOT an attitude that will leave you satisfied. If your main thought is “Yuck” you can all you want and your craving for mainstream desserts or candy will still be there. In order to let go of the craving, or satisfy it with healthy sweets, you have to let go of the “yuck.”

Similarly, pretending you like something you really hate is not a solution either. You need observe and uproot the deepest reason you do not like it. You have to get to the heart of the judgment. “I hate dried fruit” may be one layer. But what is underneath that? Have a close look.

You might find a thought such as this: “Dessert is my reward and dried fruit is not a big enough reward.”

Look for the deepest thoughts you have about food and dessert and nourishment. That is where your cravings originate from.

Start with your emotional outlook. Consider the reason you may not be getting total satisfaction from a healthy dessert is not just its taste or ingredients; it could be emotional.

Are you looking for “sweetness” in the metaphorical sense of the word? Are you looking for the feeling of “sweet” sugar seems to give you? There may be an emotional void you are trying to fill. This is okay. Most people are looking for this in some way. We all want the light headed euphoria that can come from eating sweet foods. But when this feeling comes from junk food, it is only a high, and there are costs to it. Be willing to change.


Through acceptance and practice. You can get natural highs from healthy desserts, if you are patient enough to practice giving them to yourself while you eat. Choose to give your self the natural high. Realize desserts do not really give you the good feeling. You do.

Give good feelings to yourself. Eat consciously. Breathe while you eat. Savor the sweetness level you can taste. If you are eating dried fruit for example, fully experience its taste. Don’t compare it to any other food. Focus on what you are eating. If you connect to your inner sweetness while you eat, one day, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that even an oatcake can satisfy your sweet tooth completely.

Michael Alperstein gets people to find an extraordinary sense of magic and Zen in ordinary moments. He is the author of Mastery Where You Are: How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks While You Keep Walking.

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What Are A Few Healthy Dessert Recipes For Kids?

Parents have always had the struggle of trying to get children to eat healthy food. Kids are surrounded by unhealthy options at grocery stores, through their friends and through ads on TV. It is a difficult task for parents to try to convince the child they must eat a healthier option, especially when you have a picky child.

It’s even trickier for parents to get their kids eating a healthy dessert. Dessert is meant to be delicious and a treat after a healthy meal, so how do you also make the splurge part of the meal a little healthier?

The key is to find your child’s favorite sweet treats and change the ingredients to make them a little less bad for your kids without them realizing it. Here are some of the best recipes for a healthy dessert for kids.

Chocolate Lovers

If you child is a chocolate lover, they would love a brownie sundae. It seems like an innocent dessert that could not possibly be healthy. This recipe can be made healthy by making your own brown recipe and choosing a lower sugar ice cream and toppings.

If you prepare the dish yourself, your child won’t realize you chose a sugar free caramel sauce or a fat free whipped cream. Try a healthier brownie recipe, top it with a lower sugar ice cream and toppings, and serve it in a beautiful bowl. Your child won’t notice the healthier ingredients in one of their favorite desserts.

One great healthy brownie recipe is a Fudgy Cherry Brownie, which is made with mashed avocado rather than using vegetable oil. The ingredients include:

½ cup sugar
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup flour
¼ cup cola
¾ cup baking cocoa
2/3 cup of dried cherries
2 oz of organic dark chocolate

As you can see, the ingredients are much healthier and still come up with a delicious chocolate result.

Fruit Desserts

If your child is a fruit lover, or even if your child doesn’t care for fruits, making a fruit dessert is a great way to get your child eating healthier. Fruit is great for kids and naturally contains sugar. Some fruit dessert ideas include Stuffed Fruit or Pop Up Bananas.

A Stuffed Fruit is where you simply choose a fruit, normally an apple or pear, and empty part of the center out. In the middle, you can add marshmallows or other delicious sweet stuffing options.

Pop Up Bananas are simply a peeled banana dipped in melted chocolate or other favorite dip and then frozen. Put them on a Popsicle stick before freezing so your child can eat it like a Popsicle.

Another fruit idea is to make a Confetti Yogurt Fruit Dip. Choose any fruit and cut it up. Add sprinkles into vanilla Greek yogurt. Then, your child can dip their fruit into the yogurt.


Most people love pies. Pies are great because you can much so many different flavors. This is another great way to get your kids eating fruit, by making a healthy apple or strawberry pie recipe. If you go with a chocolate or vanilla flavored pie, also use this opportunity to substitute healthier ingredients your child won’t notice with the strong flavor of the sweet topping

Candy Lovers

Do your kids love Sour Patch Kids candy? Try making Frosted Grapes and your kids won’t be able to tell the difference. The recipe is to take Jello mix and grapes and shake them together in a Ziploc bag. Put them in the freezer and the result is grapes that taste like candy.

Another thing to keep in mind is if your child helps you prepare these meals, they will have more fun with it. Show them how to make their own snacks (using your healthy ingredients) and they’ll start to learn how to follow a recipe.

There are plenty of ways to get your kids eating healthy desserts without realizing it’s healthy. They’ll love the taste and they’ll be getting something healthy that’s mom-approved.

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Must Have Healthy Dessert Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

Following old style diet plans was often difficult and unrewarding. It seemed that all the plans were the same and all involved nothing but giving up tasty meals for the experience of losing weight. Losing weight really was an either or proposition. You either sacrifice all that is delicious or you do not lose the weight. Often the one part of a meal that was sacrificed was the dessert because of its perceived high sugar and caloric content. It is no wonder these diets rarely succeeded in the long term. Fortunately today there are a number of delicious healthy dessert recipes that anyone can make that can keep the dieter on track and continue to lose weight.

Healthy dessert recipes allow you to eat tasty and rewarding desserts that will not make you fell deprived of all that is good. It is difficult to have a hearty meal and always turn away dessert. This is not practical and it is a plan that is destined to failure. That is why looking through some healthy dessert recipes that are easy to make and taste great are such a benefit to the dieter and his/her overall goal of losing weight.

Healthy dessert recipes have been designed to include ingredients that are all natural and healthy for the individual. Some of the ingredients range from fruits, to frozen yogurt, to even chocolate. Healthy dessert recipes are not about restricting dessert from the individual but about accommodating all natural and delicious treats in the diet plan. This will help ensure that the dieter maintains these healthy eating habits for the rest of his/her life.

These recipes are designed for the long term success of the individual in his weight loss project. Sacrificing dessert all the time may be practical in the short term but not in the long run. The subconscious mind of the dieter will demand this treat sooner or later. Most people then gorge on unhealthy desserts and regain all the weight lost in these unproductive diets of the past.

On the other hand, healthy dessert recipes set up the individual for short and long term success by incorporating nutritious and delicious desserts in the diet and not depriving the body of anything. This is why incorporating healthy dessert recipes in any diet plan are essential for success.

Losing weight and maintaining this healthy weight should be both a short and long term goal. Healthy dessert recipes are the best way to ensure that you can continue following this project for the long term. It allows you to eat healthy and delicious desserts without sacrificing flavour.

The question is, are you ready for weight loss success? If so, then it is time to look into some delicious and nutritious healthy dessert recipes.

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